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Born as twins on 22.11.88 to an Indian father and British mother in Surrey, England, Suresh and Jyoti are bestselling novelists, journalists, columnists and speakers based in Switzerland.


At the age of 11, the Guptara Twins completed the first draft of a fantasy novel, Conspiracy of Calaspia, Book One of the acclaimed Insanity Saga. After many rewrites and revisions the novel was published while they were 17 and they have gone on to secure book deals with major publishers for German, Italian and Dutch. Over 70,000 copies are in print. The co-authors have now finished the 2,000 page long trilogy, and are working on a new series.

Shortly after becoming probably the youngest-ever writer in The Wall Street Journal, Jyoti dropped out of school to become the world’s youngest full-time writer at the age of 15, while Suresh completed his A-levels at Bradfield College before joining him.

In 2008, the weekly national magazine Schweizer Illustrierte counted Suresh and Jyoti Guptara among the “100 Most Important Swiss” on its annual list. They are included in the Who is Who Bodensee 2010 – 2011 (from four countries’ regions around Lake Constance).


The Twins are internationally experienced speakers in both English and German and have appeared at such eminent literary occasions as Switzerland’s Solothurner Literaturtage, the C. S. Lewis Summer Institute in Oxford and Cambridge, and India’s Kitabfest. They are regular contributors to book fairs such as Leipzig and Frankfurt. Suresh and Jyoti are in high demand to give lectures and readings at festivals, bookstores, libraries and schools as well as institutions for higher education, performing for audiences from two to 800. In 2008, they gave over 100 readings for the German translation of their debut novel.

Thanks to their unusual personal story and success, the Twins have been widely covered by the media, including FOX, Al-Jazeera English (the Riz Khan Show), SF Swiss TV and Aeschbacher (talk show), ARD, KTLA (Morning Show), NDTV and BBC World TV.

The Twins have also given dozens of radio interviews, including with BBC World Service, and have been interviewed, covered and quoted in hundreds of print and online publications.


In 2007, the County of Los Angeles awarded Scrolls of Honour to the Guptara Twins for inspiring young people, for philanthropy, and for literary achievement. Suresh and Jyoti Guptara spoke at the United Nations GAID (Global Alliance for ICT for Development) at their 2007 Youth Summit in Geneva. In 2009, they were invited to address the inaugural Youth Summit of Kofi Annan’s Global Humanitarian Forum on issues of sustainability, reality and escapism.

Residencies include 9 weeks at St Stephen’s College, Delhi University; the 6-week Palomar5 Innovation Camp in Berlin, and the Chretzeturm Fellowship: three months as Writers in Residence of the City of Stein am Rhein, Switzerland.

Their interests lie in literacy, philanthropy, innovation, reforming global systems, youth leadership and encouraging young people to realise their potential. Hobbies include football and defending civilisation against forces of darkness.

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