Titel: The Mouse and the Monster
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Korte inhoudsopgave:
TV serie over een groot-blauw schattig één-oogig monster, Mo en zijn beschermer een kleine muis genaamd Chesbr. Chesbro en Mo zijn constant op de vlucht voor Dr. Wackersteen, een gekke wetenschapper die Mo heeft gemaakt. Hij wil de hersens van een dode pianist in Mo's hoofd plaatsen.

During what would be his final concert, the brilliant pianist Flatnoteski suffered a heart attack and died. Among the front-row visitors were Dr. Wackerstein and his wife and assistant Olga. Dr. Wackerstein immediately claimed Flatnoteski's brain, so that the Doctor could create a body to place said brain in, and allow Flatnoteski's genius to live on. For this purpose, Dr. Wackerstein created Mo, a cycloptic golem bearing a passing resemblance to Frankenstein's Monster. However, even without a brain, Mo had a mind and personality of his own and did not want his own newly created life to make room for a brain that wasn't his. An inhabitant of Wackerstein's castle, a mouse named Chesbro befriended Mo and helped him to flee. Pals together, they are on the run from the mad doctor.


The Mouse and the Monster is an American animated series created and executive produced by Jerry Leibowitz. The show aired on UPN network's cartoon block UPN Kids and the Fox Family Channel. It featured a mouse named Chesbro, and a monster named Mo. The show subsequently aired on Disney Europe following Disney's acquisition of Saban's library of shows.

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