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Birthdate: 15 December 1972 Birthplace: Howth, County Dublin, Ireland Nationality: Irish Eyes: Brown Hair: Brown Height: 5'11

Stuart Townsend was born and raised in the peninsula town of Howth (rhymes with both), County Dublin, Ireland. The fishing and yachting village is in close proximity to Howth Castle (with its fine rhododendron gardens), The Baily Lighthouse, the old (ruinous) Abbey and their own excellent transport museum which mark just some of the popular tourist attractions for the area. This is but a stones throw (10mls) from Dublin's city center which has ferry routes directly to and from Hollyhead, Douglas (Isle of Man), Birkinhead and Liverpool. (Check the 'Howth' link for the google map)

Acting school: Gaiety School of Acting in Dublin

Star sign:
Stu's sun sign is Sagittarius… and every other planet is Scorpio at the time of his birth .. so think about that… free roaming sag.. with darkside, deep, intense scorpio in moon, mars and venus!! I think this is perfect for Lestat's character… no wonder he is so sexy!! (also see 'All About Sagittarius' further down the page)

He has two brothers and two sisters, called Dylan, Hugo, Chloe and Ella . His dad remarried in 1997 to a woman named Sofia. Stuart's mom Lorna, passed away in 1994.

Surf loving sibling Dylan Townsend with formal education in the areas of Journalism, Environmental skills, Media and P.R. profiling and has been actively combining his talents and putting them to good use. He also penned this great article for the in July 2008

1. Peter Townsend (Father) 2. Lorna Townsend (Mother - In Memoriam) 3. Sofia Townsend (Step Mother) Married 1997 4. Dylan Townsend (Brother) Born 1985 5. Chloe Townsend (Sister) Born 1987 6. Hugo Townsend (Half Brother) Born 2000 7. Ella Townsend (Half Sister) Born 2005

Stuart Townsend first performed “O The Brickley Bush”, a traditional track with Aisl?n McGuckin and Billy Roche on the “Trojan Eddie” soundtrack.

Stuart Townsend is a talented musician and loves to play. Whilst Filming Queen of the Damned, Warner Bros. sent Stuart Townsend into the studio to record some tracks and we may see these in a future project.

The Webmaster thought she might add a little personal memory to this biography page.. During the filming of Queen of the Damned -while on stage for 2 weeks as Lestat (with the band set up with all equipment), Stuart Townsend fiddled non stop with everyone's instruments. In the mornings [other side of midnite] it just became natural for one of the guitarists or keyboard girls to just move out the way and let Stuart Townsend have a go while he was not needed in front of the camera. In the end no words were even needed, they all saw him walking over and just gave their instruments to him. He was so into this that he would find a corner on stage and sit there for ages playing someone else's guitar and then off again to every single instrument including the drums, where he belted out very loudly to the shock of the entire crew, as we were trying to be quiet at the time.. Oh well.. he woke everyone up! He is a total pro though.. very serious on stage.

(Though their names are very similar, “In Christ alone”, “The Power of the Cross”, “How deep the Father's love” and “Beautiful Savior” are extremely popular songs written by the leading worship songwriter Stuart Townend, who originally hailed from West Yorkshire. If you have wondered in here by mistake, here's Stuart Townend's “official” website.)

[Stuart has read and recommends some excellent books which we think deserve their own page. Explore some recommended reading for fans.]

Current Projects:
January saw Stuart Townsend in rehearsals for the upcoming Marvel production of THOR. Daryl Hannah and Stuart Townsend both appear in the short Mofilms film, Justicia now!, which is shining the light on some profit driven wanton destruction of some once pristine forest and the cause of misery to the 'Los Afectados' and is currently being screened at select film festivals. Since Battle in Seattle (2007) Charlize Theron has completed work in the following films: Sleepwalking, Hancock, The Burning Plain and most recently The Road.

Stuart Townsend first met Charlize Theron during the making of the movie adaptation of Greg Iles's best seller '24 Hours'. The movie was later titled Trapped and also starred Kevin Bacon, Courtney Love and Hannah Dakota Fanning. Stuart Townsend and Charlize Theron again appear on screen together with Penelope Cruz in the the scenic drama - romance 'Head in the Clouds'.

The Irishman was almost part of the Lord of the Rings box-office bonanza: he was cast as Aragorn but was replaced by Viggo Mortensen because of “creative differences” with the director. Townsend 29, called it a “nasty experience.” An avid photographer and boxer who grew up in Dublin, he never thought of acting until a girlfriend urged him to enroll in an acting school at 18. After graduation, he created his own theater company. But it wasn't until he starred in 97's 'Shooting Fish' that he gained a U.S. audience. Whilst working in the stage production Orpheus Descending, he was cast to play Lestat, a Rock Star with a renewed blood lust in Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles movie sequel 'Queen of the Damned' to star alongside the talented rising vocal sensation Aaliyah. The movie reached number 1 in America. Stuart held the honour of being one of the top ten downloaded people in the world at that time.

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