Weinstein, Howard



Howard Weinstein is a noted science fiction author. In 1974, at age 19, he became the youngest person to ever write a script for Star Trek, selling “The Pirates of Orion” for use in Star Trek: The Animated Series. He has also written numerous Star Trek novels and comic books. He was credited with “thanks” on Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home.

Howard is also noted for dedication to fans, appearing at hundreds of conventions. He lives in New York with his dog, Mail Order Annie.

In December 2006, it was announced that Weinstein had written a script, “The Sky Above, the Mudd Below,” for Star Trek: New Voyages.

Other novels he has written include three in the V Series, East Coast Crisis (with A.C. Crispin), Prisoners and Pawns, and Path to Conquest. He has also written Puppy Kisses are Good for the Soul in 2001 and Mickey Mantle in 2003.

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