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1 - Zaccaï, Jonathan

Jonathan Zaccaï (born 22 July 1970) is a Belgian actor, film director and screenwriter. His acting credits include The Beat That My Heart Skipped, Private Lessons, The True Story of My Life in Rouen, The Role of Her Life, They Came Back. He received the Magritte Award for Best Actor for Private Lessons…
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2 - Zafra, Óscar

3 - Zahara, Alex

Alex Zahara[needs IPA] is a Canadian actor and a voice actor. Alex was born in Grande Prairie, Alberta. According to his mother, has always enjoyed performing for others. He grew up loving the classics in acting, Humphrey Bogart, James Cagney, etc. Got involved with theatre while still in school, performing in a stage version of MASH. Took some time off to travel Europe and…
Zahara, Alex - Biografie

4 - Zane, Billy

William George Zane, Jr. (Chicago (Illinois), 24 februari 1966), beter bekend als Billy Zane, is een Amerikaans acteur. Hij won de prijs voor beste acteur op het B-Movie Film Festival 2000 (voor I Woke Up Early the Day I Died) en een Blockbuster Entertainment Award voor zijn rol in Titanic. Zane is de zoon van Thalia en William George Zane, Sr.. De familie is van Griekse afkomst…
Zane, Billy - Biografie

5 - Zann, Lenore

Lenore Elizabeth Zann (born 22 November 1959) is an Australian-Canadian actress and politician who has represented the electoral district of Truro-Bible Hill in the Nova Scotia House of Assembly since 2009 as a member of the Nova Scotia New Democratic Party. Zann was born in Sydney, Australia, the daughter of Janice, a high school teacher, and Paul Zann, a professor…
Zann, Lenore - Biografie

6 - Zanni, Chiara

Chiara Zanni (born July 19, 1978) is a Canadian actress and voice actress, performing in movies such as Bionicle: Mask of Light as Hahli, playing the title role in Hamtaro, Young Joe (2001) in Cyborg 009, Jubilee in X-Men: Evolution, Bon Bon in My Little Pony Tales and Nori, the mermaid in Barbie: Mermaidia. She also appears briefly in X2: X-Men United as a…
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7 - Zaremba, John

John Zaremba (October 22, 1908 – December 15, 1986) was an American actor most noted for supporting roles on science fiction films and TV series. In 1966 he was a regular cast member in the Irwin Allen science fiction series The Time Tunnel for ABC-TV. He was born in Chicago, Illinois. Before his acting career, he was a journalist for the Grand Rapids Press and Chicago…
Zaremba, John - Biografie

8 - Zwart, Tim de

Tim de Zwart (23 september 1964) is een Nederlands acteur en regisseur. Hij is het bekendst door zijn rol als Hoge Hoogte Piet in de jaarlijkse serie De Club van Sinterklaas op RTL 4. Van 2002 t/m 2004 speelde hij ook de schurk Meneer de Directeur in deze serie. Ook heeft hij enkele bijrolletjes in de eerdergenoemde serie voor zijn rekening genomen…
Zwart, Tim de - Biografie

9 - Zylka, Chris

Chris Settlemire (born May 9, 1985), known professionally as Chris Zylka, is an American actor. Zylka was born Christopher Michael Settlemire in Warren, Ohio. He took his mother's maiden name as a stage name. His father is of German and British descent, and his mother is of half Polish and half Czech ancestry (the surname Zylka is Polish). Zylka attended the University…
Zylka, Chris - Biografie

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