Illustrators / Scenaristen D - 1 t/m 100

1 - David B.

Pierre-François “David” Beauchard (born 9 February 1959), who uses the pen name David B., is a French comic book artist and writer, and one of the founders of L'Association. After studying advertising at the Duperré School of Applied Arts in Paris, Beauchard began working in comics in 1985 (Pas de samba…
David B. - Biografie

2 - Defali, Djillali

Djillali D'Fali / (Djillali Defali) /(b. 1972, France). Djillali D'Fali got his artistic talent from his family. He wrote and drew the one-shot 'La Proie' at Le Cycliste in 1998, before starting the series 'Garous' with scripts by Jean-Charles Gaudin at Soleil. He signed his early work with D'Fali. In 2003, he started the…
Defali, Djillali - Biografie

3 - Dim, D.

Dim. D began his artistic career at age 15, making drawings for tatoos and cd covers. At age 18, he worked for the fanzine Avenir, created and financed by the media library of Bagneux. Every issue of the fanzine was directed by a professional from the field, such as Guy Michel and Jean-Luc Istin…
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4 - Donkersloot, Raymond

5 - Druillet, Philippe

Philippe Druillet (born June 28, 1944) is a French comics artist and creator, and an innovator in visual design. Druillet was born in Toulouse, Haute-Garonne, France but spent his youth in Spain, returning to France in 1952 after the death of his father. A science fiction and comics fan…
Druillet, Philippe - Biografie

6 - Dumas, Patrick A.

Patrick Dumas ou Patrick A. Dumas (de son vrai nom Patrick Alain Dumas), est un auteur français de bande dessinée, né à Uzerche (Corrèze) en 1953. Il débute une carrière d'auteur de bande dessinée dans les fanzines et revues Falatoff (1971), Sortilèges (1976) et Le Miroir du Centre (1978). Puis il entre chez Glénat en 1980….
Dumas, Patrick A. - Biografie

Illustrators / Scenaristen D - 1 t/m 100
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