Illustrators / Scenaristen P - 1 t/m 100

1 - Pedrazza, Augusto

Augusto Pedrazza was born in Milan and studied at the Ambrosania academy between 1938 and 1940. He published his first professional work with the publishing house Édital in 1942 and he made portaits of cinema stars for the magazine Cinevita. In 1945, he made his first comics for the collection…
Pedrazza, Augusto - Biografie

2 - Pini, Wendy

Wendy Pini née Fletcher, (born June 4, 1951, San Francisco, California) and Richard Pini (born July 19, 1950, New Haven, Connecticut) are the husband-and-wife team responsible for creating the well-known Elfquest series of comics, graphic novels and prose works. They are also known as WaRP…
Pini, Wendy - Biografie

3 - Plumail, Claude

A self-taught artist, Claude Plumail started his career in 1988 as an assistant to Julio Ribéra on 'Le Vagabond des Limbes', as well as his other series for Vaisseau d'Argent publishers. Plumail continued on his own with 'Das Reich' (Soleil publishers), 'Mythologia' (Zenda publishers), and 'Zugme' (P&T Productions)…
Plumail, Claude - Biografie

4 - Pontarolo, Frédéric

Frédéric Pontarolo studied decorative arts in Strasbourg, when he developed his interest in comics. He got his degree in the illustration section in 1994 and collaborated on the collective 'Nique la Crise' at Vents d'Ouest a year later. He drew 'Le Temps des Valises' for À Suivre magazine in 1997, followed by his…
Pontarolo, Frédéric - Biografie

Illustrators / Scenaristen P - 1 t/m 100

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