Illustrators / Scenaristen T - 1 t/m 100

1 - Tacito, Franck

Franck Tacito is a doctor, who devotes his evenings to creating comics. Along with scenarist Froideval, he produced his first series, the demonic '666'. On his own, he then created the western 'Dead Hunter'. As a scenarist, he writes the 'Magika' series for Fabrice Angleraud and Olivier Guéret from 2001…
Tacito, Franck - Biografie

2 - Taillefer, Craig

Born November 29, 1968 in Ottawa Canada, Craig was raised on a diet of crayons, play-doh, and comic books. An early exposure to Uncle Scrooge, Asterix, Turok Son Of Stone, and the works of Edgar Rice Burroughs left an indelible impression on the budding young artist’s psyche. Against the urgings of…
Taillefer, Craig - Biografie

3 - Thole, Karel

Carolus Adrianus Maria (Karel) Thole (Bussum, 20 april 1914 - Cannobio (Italië), 26 maart 2000) was een Nederlands kunstenaar. Thole was leerling aan de Rijksnormaalschool in Amsterdam. Hij was schilder, politiek tekenaar, illustrator, boekverzorger, ontwerper van boekbanden. Vooral tijdens zijn verblijf in…
Thole, Karel - Biografie

4 - Tikulin, Tomislav

I'm your alien next door…no really…that's what my neighbours tell me and who am I to gainsay them. Let's look at the evidence: when my brother told me that my parents found me in the field behind my house, I set him straight: I'm really from Mars, I said, just visiting this planet to study humans and…
Tikulin, Tomislav - Biografie

5 - Toonder, Marten

Marten Toonder (Rotterdam, 2 mei 1912 – Laren, 27 juli 2005) was een belangrijk Nederlands stripauteur. Hij kreeg grote bekendheid als schrijver en tekenaar van Olivier B. Bommel en Tom Poes, en hij was de broer van schrijver Jan Gerhard Toonder. Marten Toonder werd geboren te Rotterdam…
Toonder, Marten - Biografie

Illustrators / Scenaristen T - 1 t/m 100
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