Regisseurs A

1 - Abbess, Shane

Shane Abbess made his first film at the age of 14 on his parents Betamax camera and after completing High School, was immediately accepted as one of the youngest students ever at the North Sydney TAFE film course. After a brief stint in Television, he returned to filmmaking where he would spend close to a decade working odd jobs and selling personal belongings…
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2 - Acnew, Joss

3 - Advani, Nikhil

Nikhil Advani (born 1971) is an Indian, producer, director and screenwriter in the Bollywood industry. Nikhil Advani is also one of the co-founders of Emmay Entertainment, a motion picture production company.[1] Nikhil has worked with famed ecologist Bittu Sehgal and he serves on the advisory board of Save The Tiger’s cause…
Abbess, Shane - Biografie

4 - Agrawal, Vivek

Vivek Agrawal is a multi award winning producer of the English feature film 'Land Gold Women' (2011). Born and educated in South Mumbai, Vivek has a Bachelor's degree in Economics and Finance Management and a Masters in Banking and Finance before dropping out to pursue his passion of film-making…
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5 - Agresti, Alejandro

Alejandro Agresti was born on June 2, 1961 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He is a director and writer, known for Das Haus am See (2006), Valentin - Mutter gesucht (2002) and Buenos Aires Vice Versa (1996)…
Agresti, Alejandro - Biografie

6 - Algar, James

James Algar studied at Stanford where he developed his skills as a cartoonist by drawing for the university's satirical magazine, The Chaparral. He joined the Disney Organisation in 1934, initially as animator. He directed the classic “Sorcerer's Apprentice” segment of Fantasia (1940), as well as several sequences of Bambi (1942). Algar was one of several key…
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7 - Allen, Irwin

8 - Alvart, Christian

9 - Anderson, Brad

10 - Anderson, Eric S.

11 - Anderson, Lindsay

Lindsay Gordon Anderson (Bangalore, 17 april 1923 – Angoulême, 30 augustus 1994) was een Britse filmregisseur. Lindsay Anderson werd geboren als de zoon van een Britse officier in de Indiase stad Bangalore. Hij studeerde klassieke talen aan de universiteit van Oxford. De eerste films van Anderson waren korte documentaires. De documentaire Thursday's Children kreeg…
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12 - Anderson, Michael

13 - Anderson, Paul W. S.

14 - Andreacchio, Mario

15 - Andreoli, Cock

16 - Andrews, Kaare

Kaare Andrews is a Canadian comic book writer, artist and filmmaker who hails from Saskatoon. He is most known for his cover work on Incredible Hulk and Iron Fist, as well as many other comic books published by Marvel Comics. Andrews is distinguished by his diverse drawing style, which ranges from hyper realistic to the more cartoonesque. He was the first recipient of…
Andrews, Kaare - Biografie

17 - Annila, Antti-Jussi

18 - Araki, Gregg

Gregg Araki (born December 17, 1959) is an American independent filmmaker and film director involved heavily with New Queer Cinema. His film Kaboom was the first ever winner of the Cannes Film Festival Queer Palm awarded in 2010. Araki was born in Los Angeles on December 17, 1959 to Japanese American parents. He grew up in nearby Santa Barbara, California and…
Araki, Gregg - Biografie

19 - Aramaki, Shinji

20 - Armstrong, Samuel

21 - Arnold, Jack

22 - Ashida, Toyoo

23 - Attenborough, Richard

24 - Aubier, Stéphane

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