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1 - Maddin, Guy

Guy Maddin (28 februari 1956) is een avant-garde regisseur afkomstig uit Winnipeg, Canada. Hij staat er om bekend zijn films kunstmatig te beschadigen, om het gevoel te geven dat deze films in de jaren '20 en 30 van de 20e eeuw zijn gemaakt…
Maddin, Guy - Biografie

2 - Manners, Kim

Kim Manners (13 januari 1951 - Los Angeles, 25 januari 2009) was een Amerikaans tv-producer en -regisseur. Hij is vooral bekend van The X-Files en Supernatural. Manners groeide op in een showbizz-familie. Zijn vader regisseerde TV-shows als The Wild Wild West en Route 66. Zijn broer Kelly regisseerde Angel en Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Zijn zus Tana is eveneens tv-regisseur…
Manners, Kim - Biografie

3 - Marcarelli, Robert

Robert Marcarelli, an over twenty year award-winning filmmaker, has extensive experience in the film and television industries. This combined with his wide-ranging international relief work provides him with a unique skill set in bringing compelling stories to the screen. He has been awarded the highest honor, the Order of Merit and Grand Commander, for his humanitarian service…
Marcarelli, Robert - Biografie

4 - Marcus, Adam

Date of Birth 1968, Westport, Connecticut, USA. Adam Marcus is an American film director, writer and actor. Marcus was born in Westport, Connecticut and attended Staples High School. He started his career at the age of fifteen, when he co-created the Westport Theatreworks Theatrical Company where he directed and produced over fifty shows in seven years. He then attended…
Marcus, Adam - Biografie

5 - Markovic, Goran

Date of Birth 24 August 1946, Belgrade, Serbia, Yugoslavia. The son of actors Rade Markovic and Olivera Markovic, between 1965 and 1970 he studied film directing in Prague and then started working for television, directing documentaries and about fifty tv movies. His first theatrical feature was the critically acclaimed and financially successful Sondererziehung (1977)…
Markovic, Goran - Biografie

6 - Martino, Sergio

7 - Matsumoto, Hitoshi

8 - Mattera, Tom

9 - May, Bradford

10 - Maybury, John

John Maybury (born 25 March 1958) is an English filmmaker. In 2005 he was listed as one of the 100 most influential gay and lesbian people in Britain. Maybury was brought up in Enfield by his mother and father, Elsie and George Maybury. He has four sisters and two brothers. He attended St. Ignatius College, Enfield before attending St. Albans College of Art…
Maybury, John - Biografie

11 - Mazzoni, David

12 - McCarthy, Nicholas

Nicholas McCarthy is a director and writer, known for his films The Pact and At the Devil's Door. McCarthy's short films Cry for Help, Chinese Box and The Pact premiered at the Sundance Film Festival. The short film of The Pact was expanded into a feature of the same name. In 2014 it was revealed that McCarthy's third feature was originally to be a remake of the French…
McCarthy, Nicholas - Biografie

13 - McDonald, Bruce

14 - McDonald, Rodney

15 - McLoughlin, Tom

16 - McTeigue, James

James McTeigue (born 29 December 1967) is an Australian film director. He has been an assistant director on many films, including No Escape (1994), the Matrix trilogy (1999–2003) and Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones (2002), and made his directorial debut with the 2006 film V for Vendetta. Born on Sydney's North Shore, he grew up in Collaroy Plateau, a suburb on the…
McTeigue, James - Biografie

17 - McTiernan, John

18 - Meerendonk, Jelle van

19 - Mekel, Bouke

20 - Mendeluk, George

21 - Mennie, Dana

22 - Mesa, William

23 - Messely, Frank

24 - Metzger, Alan

25 - Mickery, Lizzie

26 - Miike, Takashi

Takashi Miike (三池 崇史, Miike Takashi ; Osaka, 24 augustus 1960) is een Japans filmregisseur. Takashi Miike studeerde aan de Yokohama Hoso Eiga Senmon Gakko-school. De eerste films die hij regisseerde, waren televisiefilms. Zijn eerste bioscoopfilm was Shinjuku Triad Society uit 1995. Met de horrorfilm Odishon (Audition) (2000) kreeg hij wereldwijde bekendheid…
Miike, Takashi - Biografie

27 - Miller, George

George Miller (Brisbane, 3 maart 1945) is een Australisch filmregisseur, scenarioschrijver en filmproducent. Hij is in de filmwereld het meest bekend om zijn werken als de Mad Max filmserie en de Happy Feet films. Miller werd voor een Oscar genomineerd met de films in 1993 met Lorenzo's Oil en in 1996 met Babe en won de prijs daadwerkelijk in 2007 met de film Happy Feet…
Miller, George - Biografie

28 - Miller, Randall

Randall Miller is an American film director. He has directed 10 features and television movies, including his self-distributed 2008 film Bottle Shock. In 2014, while he was directing the film Midnight Rider, a member of the film crew was killed during the filming a scene, and Miller ultimately pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter for his role in the death…
Miller, Randall - Biografie

29 - Miller, Troy

Since 1986, Troy Miller has been directing movies and TV shows, and has made quite a name for himself in the industry. He also has worked as a writer on some shows. He has also directed some live events, such as standup comedy performances and some Oscar telecasts. He is most known for directing episodes of Brand X with Russel Brand, The Office, Flight of the Conchords…
Miller, Troy - Biografie

30 - Milo, Mike

31 - Min, Byung-chun

32 - Min, Joon-ki

33 - Miner, Steve

34 - Miyazaki, Gorô

Gorō Miyazaki (宮崎吾朗, Miyazaki Gorō, Tokio, 21 januari 1967) is een Japans animefilmregisseur, en de zoon van Hayao Miyazaki. Gorō Miyazaki volgde aanvankelijk niet het carrièrepad van zijn vader, maar nadat producer Toshio Suzuki van Studio Ghibli (de studio van zijn vader), hem overhaalde heeft hij toch de film Tales of Earthsea geregisseerd. Eerder was hij landschapsarchitect…
Miyazaki, Gorô - Biografie

35 - Moendir, Anthony

36 - Mols, Kasper

37 - Monroe, Steven R.

38 - Montesi, Jorge

39 - Moore, John

40 - Morris, Maryl

41 - Mottola, Greg

42 - Moyle, Allan

43 - Mulcahy, Russell

Russell Mulcahy (born 23 June 1953 in Melbourne, Australia) is an Australian film director.[1][2] Mulcahy's work is recognizable by the use of fast cuts, tracking shots and use of glowing lights as well as being one of the most prominent music video directors of the 1980s. He has also worked in television since the early 1990s, and is currently working as a director on…
Mulcahy, Russell - Biografie

44 - Murphy, Geoff

45 - Musker, John

46 - Myrick, Daniel

Daniel Myrick (born September 3, 1963) is an American film director most famous for horror films, especially for co-directing and writing the 1999 psychological horror The Blair Witch Project with Eduardo Sánchez, for which they won the Independent Spirit John Cassavetes Award. Myrick was born in Sarasota, Florida. He graduated from University of Central Florida School…
Myrick, Daniel - Biografie

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