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1 - Nagae, Toshikazu

Geboren: 11 februari 1966 (49 jaar), Suita, Osaka, Japan…
Nagae, Toshikazu - Biografie

2 - Neveldine, Mark

Mark Neveldine (born May 11, 1973) is an American film director, film producer, screenwriter and camera operator. He is best known for frequently collaborating with Brian Taylor as Neveldine/Taylor. Neveldine was born in Watertown, New York, to Tom Neveldine and Carolyn Dowd Fitzpatrick. He attended college at Hobart and William Smith Colleges, where he…
Neveldine, Mark - Biografie

3 - Newell, Mike

Michael Cormac Newell was born 28 March, 1942, St. Albans, Hertfordshire, England. He attended Cambridge University and then spent three years training at Granada Television. Newell directed various British Television shows from the 1960s onwards (Such as Spindoe (1968), credited as Cormac Newell, and Big Breadwinner Hog). However, he eventually graduated into film…
Newell, Mike - Biografie

4 - Newman, Joseph M.

Joseph M. Newman (August 17, 1909 – January 23, 2006) was an American film director most famous for his 1955 film This Island Earth. His credits include episodes of The Twilight Zone and The Alfred Hitchcock Hour. He was nominated for two Academy Awards in the now defunct category of Assistant Director, for David Copperfield[1] and San Francisco. He was also the last…
Newman, Joseph M. - Biografie

5 - Niccol, Andrew

New Zealand-born screenwriter-director Andrew Niccol began his career in London, successfully directing TV commercials before moving to Los Angeles in order to make films “longer than 60 seconds.” He interested high-powered producer Scott Rudin in his Die Truman Show (1998) script, but Rudin was not willing to gamble on a rookie director, particularly when…
Niccol, Andrew - Biografie

6 - Nicol, Alex

7 - Niemann, Sebastian

8 - Nieuwenhuijzen, Jan van den

9 - Nishimori, Akira

10 - Nishimura, Yoshihiro

11 - Nolan, Christopher

12 - Norwood, Phillip

13 - Noyce, Phillip

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